Widgets configuration

The manual contains a complete list of widgets N1ED for TinyMCE

How to configure widgets list

Full sidebar screenshot
Complete list of widgets

Below is the list of widgets for TinyMCE that can be configured using the widgetsList parameter in the config file. The value of this parameter is an array of widget names.

To make a widget appear on the sidebar, the corresponding add-on must also be connected.

Let's define our own list of widgets as an example:

    selector: "#editor",
    plugins: "N1ED",
    widgetsList: [
        "Image", "ImagePreview",
        "ImageGallery", "FontAwesome",
        "YouTube", "Table",
        "Link", "Anchor",
        "Header", "IFrame", 

Take the complete list of TinyMCE widgets and plugins that offer them in the table below. To configure the widget palette without editing the config.

Complete list of widgets

Icon Name Description Plugin name
Image button icon Image
Image Standard image with file selection and display settings N1ED
Image preview button icon Image preview
ImagePreview Image thumbnail opened full-size on click N1ED
Image gallery button icon Image gallery
ImageGallery Grouped set of images with ability to mass image upload N1ED
Font awesome button icon Font Awesome
FontAwesome Icon from the Font Awesome set on your website N1ED
Youtube button icon YouTube video
YouTube Find, embed and configure a YouTube video N1ED
Table button icon Table
Table Standard table with additional table tools as a set N1ED
Link button icon Link
Link Link to a page (external or internal), image, file, and so on. N1ED
Anchor button icon Anchor
Anchor Bookmark to link a specific place on the page N1ED
iFrame button icon IFrame
IFrame HTML element to embed third-party content N1ED
HTML snippet button icon HTML snippet
HTML Arbitrary custom HTML N1ED
Button icon Button
Button Bootstrap 4 style button BootstrapEditor
Badge button icon Badge
Badge Small Bootstrap widget to display a number or another label BootstrapEditor
Alert button icon Alert message
Alert Text box with a message to the user BootstrapEditor