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Create and edit any widgets of Foundation's framework, manipulate its blocks, insert any Foundation's icons in WYSIWYG mode. This is the most flexible solution to operate Foundation in TinyMCE, but and the most simple: it already has a plugin for quick and codeless.

Grid rows and blocks, etc: all will be available to you after you install this bundle.

This bundle contains a number of plugins:

  • TinyMCE Foundation Include CSS/JS (Helps you to include (attach) Foundation's styles to your TinyMCE's document. Lets ability to see all blocks and elements as they will be shown on the site)
  • TinyMCE Foundation Block Configuration (Configure existing grid structure by selecting blocks and configuring their sizes and visibility options with help of the dialog)

Get more info on Foundation Tools home page:

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Install Foundation Tools plugin in TinyMCE 4

  1. First of all think about migration to Bootstrap Editor instead of Foundation Tools plugin installation.
    This is a risk-free and highly recommended alternative.
  2. Download plugin from developer website
  3. Copy jsplusInclude,jsplusBootstrapTools directory to tinymce/plugins/.
  4. Edit TinyMCE config and add jsplusInclude,jsplusBootstrapTools to plugins key
  5. Add buttons to the toolbar section: jsplusShowBlocks, jsplusBootstrapToolsContainerEdit, jsplusBootstrapToolsContainerAdd, jsplusBootstrapToolsContainerAddBefore, jsplusBootstrapToolsContainerAddAfter, jsplusBootstrapToolsContainerDelete, jsplusBootstrapToolsContainerMoveUp, jsplusBootstrapToolsContainerMoveDown, jsplusBootstrapToolsRowEdit, jsplusBootstrapToolsRowAdd, jsplusBootstrapToolsRowAddBefore, jsplusBootstrapToolsRowAddAfter, jsplusBootstrapToolsRowDelete, jsplusBootstrapToolsRowMoveUp, jsplusBootstrapToolsRowMoveDown, jsplusBootstrapToolsColEdit, jsplusBootstrapToolsColAdd, jsplusBootstrapToolsColAddBefore, jsplusBootstrapToolsColAddAfter, jsplusBootstrapToolsColDelete, jsplusBootstrapToolsColMoveLeft, jsplusBootstrapToolsColMoveRight


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