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Breadcrumbs add-on for TinyMCE 4

Breadcrumbs plugin for TinyMCE
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Simple inserting and editing breadcrumbs navigation element is now available with TinyMCE Breadcrumbs add-on.

Show your visitors their position on your website or progress of filling any forms (for example show steps for purchasing goods in your e-market).

Get more info on Breadcrumbs home page:

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Breadcrumbs add-on was merged with N1ED.

N1ED contains all features provided by Breadcrumbs and adds many new, supporting now both TinyMCE 4 and TinyMCE 5. Using N1ED is highly recommended.

Get N1ED


Breadcrumbs add-on installation

  1. First of all think about migration to N1ED instead of Breadcrumbs plugin installation.
    This is a risk-free and highly recommended alternative.
  2. Download plugin from developer website
  3. Copy jsplus_breadcrumbs directory to tinymce/plugins/.
  4. Edit TinyMCE config and add jsplus_breadcrumbs to plugins key
  5. Add buttons to the toolbar section: jsplus_breadcrumbs

Refer to TinyMCE add-ons installation manual for more details