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Alpha Manager add-on for TinyMCE 4

Alpha Manager plugin for TinyMCE
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Alpha Manager is the powerful file manager for your website. Upload images and files, manage them and finally insert into TinyMCE document.

It is targeted for users who needs to manage its pictures and has beautiful thumbnails view.

List of features

  • Uploading multiple files, drag'n'drop to browser is supported
  • Includes a number of skins (themes)
  • Moving, copying and renaming files and directories (as an archive)
  • Showing files and images as list or as thumbnails
  • Images fullscreen preview
  • Download file and folder
  • Quick file search (filter)
  • Hotkeys: full control using keyboard
  • Access control: disabling any feature on client and server sides


Besides TinyMCE edition it has CKEditor, Bootstrap Editor editions and a library for custom integration.

Get more info on Alpha Manager home page:

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Alpha Manager add-on was merged with Flmngr.

Flmngr contains all features provided by Alpha Manager and adds many new, supporting now both TinyMCE 4 and TinyMCE 5. Using Flmngr is highly recommended.

Get Flmngr


Alpha Manager add-on installation

  1. First of all think about migration to Flmngr instead of Alpha Manager plugin installation.
    This is a risk-free and highly recommended alternative.
  2. Download plugin from developer website
  3. Copy alphamanager directory to tinymce/plugins/.
  4. Edit TinyMCE config and add alphamanager to plugins key

Refer to TinyMCE add-ons installation manual for more details