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Translator add-on for TinyMCE 5

Translate text up to 90 languages
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Translate your text to more than 90 languages directly in the editor: simply select the text and click the button or the shortcut. The text is then sent to Google Translate or Yandex Translate at your choice, gets translated and updated preserving HTML formatting. This means you can translate pages with complex formatting including various blocks and tables, and retain the original layout, and the translator takes the context into account when splitting the selected text to fragments.

You can configure languages both using the config file and within the editor itself (for instance, to switch to another source or destination language temporarily). There is also a toolbar button to quickly reverse the translation direction.

Get more info on Translator home page:

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TinyMCE 4 logoTinyMCE 5 compatible
Get Translator

Translator add-on installation

  1. Download plugin from developer website
  2. Copy Translator directory to tinymce/plugins/.
  3. Edit TinyMCE config and add Translator to plugins key
  4. Add buttons to the toolbar section: Translator, TranslatorReverse, TranslatorConf
  5. Enjoy!

Refer to TinyMCE add-ons installation manual for more details