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Insert code plugin for TinyMCE
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RJ insert code plugin screenshotRJ insert code plugin javascript example screenshot

The RJ_InsertCode project is a TinyMCE plugin that will automatically style code samples for different languages. Its core architecture is based on the Insertcode plugin for older versions of TinyMCE, but it has been almost fully rewritten.

There is a simplified setup, more features, a JCE 1.5 installer, and a commented codebase to assist in learning how it works and tweaking it.


  • Highlight over 100 languages with the GeSHi generic syntax highligher including ActionScript, ASP, C, C#, C, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Lua, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, Visual BASIC, and XML
  • Inline the style sheet information into the HTML, or use style sheet classes to reduce file size
  • Optional header text for your code block
  • Optional line numbers displayed to the left of your code
  • Specify the first line number
  • Specify the width and height of a scrollable code window

Get more info on RJ Insert Code home page: http://www.ryanjuckett.com

TinyMCE 4 logoTinyMCE 4  plugin

Install RJ Insert Code plugin in TinyMCE 4

  1. Download plugin from developer website
  2. Copy rj_insertcode directory to tinymce/plugins/.
  3. Edit TinyMCE config and add rj_insertcode to plugins key
  4. Add buttons to the toolbar section: rj_insertcode


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