Ajax File/Image Manager add-on for TinyMCE 4

Ajax File/Image Manager plugin for TinyMCE
Ajax File and Image Manager screenshot
Ajax File and Image Manager screenshotAjax File and Image Manager preview screenshot

This is an Advanced TinyMCE File Manager and Image Manager which is fully empowered by Ajax and PHP.

It can run standalone or as a plugin to those JavaScript content editors, such TinyMCE, FCKEditor.


  • Fully employ AJAX to function file management
  • Faster to load and avoid reloading the whole window
  • Multi-language supported (utf-8)
  • Access control supported
  • Fully customizable, create your own stylesheet
  • Built-in Advanced Ajax Image Editor
TinyMCE 4 logoTinyMCE 4 compatible

Ajax File/Image Manager add-on installation

  1. Download plugin from developer website
  2. Copy ajax-file-manager directory to tinymce/plugins/.
  3. Edit TinyMCE config and add ajax-file-manager to plugins key
  4. Enjoy!

Refer to TinyMCE add-ons installation manual for more details