Download TinyMCE 5


Both two builds contain the latest version of TinyMCE 5 (5.8.2), and have example of usage inside the archive.

  • Advanced TinyMCE build

    The popular build of TinyMCE you could already see in admin panels in some CMSs. It is official TinyMCE + a list of usefull plugins which add additional widgets, Bootstrap structure support, file manager and image editor. The same editor but ready for work on the real project. Has visual configuration.

    Advanced TinyMCE build
  • TinyMCE core

    Clean build without any plugins, just a core. The configuration can be done using config only, no visual configuration panel is added.

    TinyMCE without plugins


TinyMCE is distributed under LGPL license and can be used for free. All optional add-ons added to builds all over this website are distributed under their according licenses (GPL/LGPL). All trademarks belong to their appropriate owners.